Best 5 Photo Apps for iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Pro

This article will show you 5 excellent camera apps for iPad Air / iPad Pro/ iPad Mini.

Many Apps designers programmed superb Apps for photo shooting and editing, but most of that are applied for iPhone. As we all know, iPads’ screen is large then iPhones’, even the screen of iPad Mini is three times as big as iPhone’s, so the apps which are suitable for iPhone may not apply to iPad. I will show you 5 amazing Camera apps for iPad.

PS: learn more about how to add text to photo Android with ease.

  • Part 1. 5 Best Photo Apps for iPad Pro / iPad Air / iPad Mini
  • Part 2. The way of using iPad’s Built-in Camera and handling trouble shooting

Part 1. 5 Best Photo Apps for iPad Air / iPad Pro / iPad Mini

You can see some basic information of top 5 photo Apps of iPad below.

Name Size Score Supported OS Version
Photo forge 2 17 MB 4/5 iOS 5.0 ~ iOS 9
Snap Seed 27.9MB 4.5/5 iOS 5, 6, 7, 8,9
iMovie 6.35MB 4/5 iOS 7.0, 8.0, 9.0
Adobe Photoshop Touch 46MB 4/5 Android 3.1 and iOS
Photogene 24.3MB 5/5 iOS 6, 7, 8, 9

1.Photoforge 2

Photoforge2 is one of the most powerful photo editing apps. It has been hailed by many photographers since it launched on app store, not only because of its professional features, but also its convenient running steps. Its effects include Amatorka, Bleach Bypass, Posterize, Sepia, Tilt/Shift, Vignette, Vintage and X process. When you finish your photo, just click “EASILY SHARE PHOTOS”, you can share your photo to twitter, fb and other social network platform with 1 click.

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Snapseed has win many fans for itself since 2011 because of its multifunction and high-accuracy. It is honoured as “photoshop” on mobile platform. Except for its common features like selective adjust, straighten, crop, details, its unparalleled feature is an automatic function. Just open photo in your photo library and click “automatic”, Snapseed will correct your photo professionally.

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iMovie is Apple’s own developed search app. It is totally designed for apple product. You can edit your HD videos into some amazing films with it, and share it through apple users platform. It is convenient and easy for anyone to run it. You don’t need any professional knowledge to use it.

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4.Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is one of the most powerful digital apps. You can text and make selections by lines, and even professional controls like curves and levels, which allows you to make the best photos. You can also edit your photos with fun and imaginary possibilities. It offers you a convenient way to share your photos with social software or through email.

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Photogene is an ultimate tool of photo editing. You can get to crop, rotate, adjust, resets, retouches, adding text directly by clicking set icon.

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Besides, there are some other popular Camera apps for iPad, like Camera for iPad, Wireless Camera, Camera+, Fastest camera pro, gorillaCam pro.

Part 2. The way of using iPad’s Built-in Camera and handling trouble shooting

Step 1. In the main screen, tap the camera icon and open it. Select the video / camera slider static camera, rather than video.


Step 2. Click and drag the slider at the bottom to enlarge image. Touch the object on the screen once you focus on it. Now, you can click the button of camera. If you want to see the previous photos or videos, just tap the left side icon of camera.
Step 3. You also can use the front camera to take pictures yourself. To activate the camera, tap the button in the upper right corner to switch the front camera.
Step 4. If you want to delete a photo or a video, click that trash icon.


Step 5. If you want to share your photos, select the photo and choose share icon.


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