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App Backup and Restore | Backup & Restore Android Apps with Data

Whether you use your Android device to play a lot of games or track your productivity; regardless of what you use it for, we can all agree that losing your Android app data isn’t pleasant. If you don’t have backups stored somewhere then you have to start everything from scratch. Not only is that time-consuming, but it’s simply not a fun task to do. With that, in this article, we are going to be focussing in on how you can backup Android app with data and the importance of App Backup and Restore. So, let’s jump right in.

Using App Backup and Restore Tool – dr.fone to Backup Android Apps with Data

When it comes to backing up your Android app backup and restore and general data management, dr.fone toolkit for Android is the program that you want on your side. Below are two different methods, both of which are done using dr.fone – Android Transfer, which allow you to easily backup Android apps with Data.

This first method of this App Backup and Restore allows for you to selectively backup your devices application data.

Step #1 – Start off by downloading and installing the dr.fone program. Next, launch it.

Step #2 – Once the program has launched, connect your Android device to your computer using the appropriate USB cable.

Step #3 – On the top panel of dr.fone, select the “Apps” tab. From here, you will see a display of all the applications currently on your device.

Step #4 – Simply select all of the apps which you’d like to have backed up, click on the “Export” button at the top, and choose a location where you’d like the app data backup to be stored.

Note: if you want all of your apps to be backed up, select the small box below the “Install” button.

Step #5 – Once the backup has been taken, you have successfully taken a selective app data backup!

Alternatively, if you are looking to have all of your device’s data backed up or would rather dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android) take care of the entire process for you, you can use the method below.

Step #1 – First, make sure that dr.fone has been downloaded and installed. Once you’ve done that, launch the program.

Step #2 – If your device isn’t already connected to your computer, then do so now.

Step #3 – Once your device has been detected by your computer, click on the “Backup&Restore” tab located on the top panel.

Step #4 – From here, you will be given access to a variety of features. For this method, click on the “Backup” option.

Step #5 – A display will appear prompting you to select the different data types that you’d like backed up as well as a storage location for them.

Note: although for this method you are only required to select both “Apps” and “Apps Data“, feel free to select any other data types.

Step #6 – Once you’ve done so, click “Backup” and a backup will be taken.

There isn’t a lot to either of these features and if you’re looking for a simple Android App Backup and Restore tool that will help you to backup & restore Android apps regularly, then dr.fone is what you’re looking for.

Using App Backup and Restore Tool – dr.fone to Restore Android Apps with Data

With this next method, you are able to restore app data from any backups which you had previously taken.

Step #1 – Provided that you have already downloaded and installed the dr.fone program, simply go ahead and launch it.

Step #2 – Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable and allow a moment for dr.fone to detect the connection.

Step #3 – On the top panel of dr.fone, click on the “Backup&Restore” option. For this method, click on the “Restore” option.

Step #4 – A display will then be shown, displaying each of the backups which you have previously taken with dr.fone.

Step #5 – Select the most recent backup which is associated with the connected device and click “Restore to Device”.

Step #6 – You will then be prompted with a menu allowing you to either restore the entire backup’s contents or selectively restore data.

Note: for this method it is only necessary for you to select both “Apps” and “Apps Data”, however, select any data types which you see fit.

Step #7 – After selecting the data types that you want to have restored, click on the “Restore” button.

Step #8 – How long dr.fone takes to restore your backup depends on the size of the backup, although it should take only a few minutes.

After the backup has been restored, you will now be able to access your app data on your device once again! As you can see, with dr.fone the backup & restore Android apps process is incredibly easy and regardless of your technological experience, it can be done.

The Importance of Android App Backup and Restore

Words can’t describe the sinking feeling that you will feel if you experience data loss on your Android device. The last thing that you want to experience is data loss and with that in mind, it’s important that you know how to backup Android apps with data. No matter how you take that backup, whether it be using dr.fone or with another method, it’s important that you take backups regularly. By taking a backup, you are ensuring that if you do suffer from data loss that you can have it restored, thus making your loss very minimal.

About Android App Backup and Restore tool – dr.fone for Android

To wrap things up, let’s take a quick look at some of the other features of dr.fone toolkit for Android which stand out and make it worth the purchase.

  • Data Management. With dr.fone, you have all of your data management tools in one place. As you can see from the processes above, none of them are difficult either. With the stress that comes alongside data loss, a simple set of data management tools is what you want!
  • Root Your Device. Whenever someone mentions jailbreaking or rooting a device, people tend to tiptoe around it and are somewhat scared of the process. Both of these processes can be difficult to do yourself and with dr.fone – Root, the process is taken care of for you. Easily root your device with the built-in one-click root feature.

There’s no doubt about it that dr.fone is a App Backup and Restore program which goes above and beyond. Not only can you backup & restore Android apps, but you have all of these features included too. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, it’s time to do so. If you are looking for a guide to Transfer Apps from your Huawei phone to new Huawei Mate 9, please click it and have a look.


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