8 Nice Music Apps for Windows Phones

With Windows phones, we can do a lot of things like calling and messaging friends, listening to music, watching the videos, and so on. In this article, eight top music apps will be introduced for Windows phones, and then you can simply choose one if you are interested.

Player 1. Listen

With an intuitive name, you can easily find it on the Microsoft store. The Listen is an excellent music player, with which you can not only listen to the music online but also download the music you like for offline playback. Of course, you can manage those songs on your Windows phone to get an organized playlist. The music that this app offers can be of high quality. There is also a premium version of this app, but you will need that only when you want the special visual effects that it offers.

1. It is a free app for the Windows phone.
2. The interface it is easy to understand.

1. There are still some bugs in the current version.
2. You need the premium to get some certain visual effects.

Player 2. Spotify

As a music fan, you can not miss the Spotify. Spotify offers many different versions for the different operating systems of mobile phones, including the Windows phone. Every time you want a song, you can search on Spotify, and then you can click on the “Start” button to listen. Also, the songs you listen to will be added to the playlist, in case you want to listen to it for a second time. If you pay for the premium version, you can download the playlists you like for offline playback.


1. It offers many versions for different versions of mobile phones.
2. The interface is friendly and the operation is simple.
3. It can automatically add the song to a playlist for you, every time you play a song.
4. For the users of the premium version, you can download the songs for offline playback.

1. The version for the Windows phone is inferior to the other versions.

Player 3. Pandora

Now, Pandora has gradually become one of the best music players for the Windows phone. If you have bought some songs on the Xbox music, you can add them to the playlist too, and those songs can be played offline. You can track the song being playing with the Live Tile of this app so that you can easily know which song is being played, and you can see the rest time of the playing song.


1. There are many songs that you can find with Pandora.
2. It offers a free version for users.
3. For the users who want to buy the premium versions, you need to pay only five dollars per month.

1. It can not create a playlist automatically for you.
2. The songs can not be playback offline.

Player 4. NiQi Music Player

The NiQi Music Player is a free music player for music fans. If you downloaded some songs, you can classify them by titles, artists, albums, and so on. After that you will find it much simpler to locate the songs that you want to play. Then you can also get the relevant album arts for the songs, so that you can get some visual enjoyment.


1. You will like the intuitive interface of the NiQi Music Player.
2. You can track the songs with the Live Tile.
3. You can clearly classify the songs you downloaded.

1. The songs that you can get on the NiQi Music Player turn to be limited.

Player 5. Beem Plus

Beem Plus is a good player for online playing. You can easily find many streaming songs on the library of Beem Plus. This app offers a free version, which can also offer a lot of high-quality music. And the good thing is that the developers are still updating this app as they collect the feedback from the users.


1. There are many songs available online.
2. This app is keeping on updating again the bugs.
3. It is supported by a lot of famous music websites like the

1. It appeals more to those who like electronic music.

Player 6. All Music Unlimited

You will want the All Music Unlimited, if you want to get music unlimited and for free. And you can download the songs you like from the All Music Unlimited, and then you can divide them into several different playlists for easy playback.


1. There are a lot of songs available.
2. Songs can be downloaded for playback offline.

1. There are some bugs that make the app to go crash on some models of Windows phones.

Player 7. AudioCloud

AudioCloud has many talents not only for playing music. It offers both the application version and the website version so that you can easily give it a try and find out its new talents without downloading it on your Windows phone.


1. It is totally free.
2. There is a website version besides the application version.

1. It is maybe unsafe because it is not a widely known app.

Player 8. Music+

The Music+ offers excellent visual effects for the users, and you can also change the title skin to the one you like. You can get the relevant lyrics of the songs playing on your Windows phone which is convenient if you want to see the lyrics when listening to music.


1. The interface is simple, and the operation is easy.
2. You can easily find most-recently-played music.

1.The new versions always come out at long intervals.

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