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5 Tools for Antivirus on Android Phone to Stay Away from Malwares

Some Free Antivirus for Android Phone to Clean Malware & Virus Completely

The virus on the Android phone can be a program or malware, which can perform self-production. If you don’t delete them right after you find them, it will rapidly spread over all the data on your phone. What’s more, when you transfer some files to another device, it will infect the new device with those files. Thus, it is of signification to know the method to detect and remove the virus.

Well, because you can not find the virus by yourself, you need to have a nice helper on your Android phone or your computer. When you use the tools on the computer, you can just connect your phone to it with a USB cable. In this article, I would like to recommend five nice tools for detecting and removing the virus from your Android phone.

Tool 1 Antivirus App – Avast Mobile Security

The Avast Mobile Security is developed by the Avast, which is a big company for PC applications and now begins to start its market of phone apps. There are a lot of functions offered by the Avast Mobile Security for detecting and removing the virus. The Avast Mobile Security provides a strong shield for all the personal data on the mobile phone so that you can feel free to get access to the files on it or send files to the others. Besides, the Avast Mobile Security also severs as a manager of network and apps on the Android phone. You need to pay just a few to this tool to get all the fantastic features. Know more about it here – Avast Cleanup Review.

1. It offers a lot of functions including anti-virus.
2. It is cheaper than many of its counterparts.

1. It doesn’t support some of the old phones.

Tool 2 Antivirus App – 360 security Anti-virus

The 360 security Anti-virus is a versatile tool, which offers an accurate detection feature for its users. With the help of the 360 security Anti-virus, you can easily get rid of all the malware on your Android phone. And it also protects the personal data on your Android phone so that no one can get access to them without permission. And then, you can use this tool to remove the junk files from your phone too. By doing that, you can improve the performance of your phone with ease.

360 security Anti-virus

1. It is a freeware for all the users.
2. You can use it to manage the files on your Android phone too.
3. It works efficiently.

1. The storage space that it may take will be large.

Tool 3 Antivirus App – AVG antivirus

The AVG antivirus mainly works for the computer market, but it also helps the users of the Android phones to get rid of the virus and malware. To use this tool, you need to connect your Android phone to your computer, which in turn makes it easier to operate with the help of the mouse and the keyboard. There are many reasons for making it a stunner on the Internet. First, it is a free tool for all the users. Second, it offers many useful functions. One shinning point of it is that it can scan for the virus when the users surf on the Internet.

AVG antivirus

1. It is a freeware, so you do not need to pay for it.
2. You can lock some specific apps on your Android phone with it.
3. You can create a backup file for all the content on your phone.
4. It also offers a SIM card lock for its users.

1. The way to use this tool may be kind of burdensome.
2. The security guard that this tool provides for the Stock Android Browser is excellent to some extent, but not sufficient for the other browsers.

Tool 4 Antivirus App – Bitdefender Antivirus

The Bitdefender Antivirus is a popular application for the computer, and recently it has extended its territory to the market of the Android phones. So it is now easy to download and use this tool for removing the virus from your Android phone. It is good at detection and removing the virus, and there are many other functions contained. Besides anti-virus, the Bitdefender Antivirus also enables its users to prevent the others from filching the personal data. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which makes the novices learning to use it fast.

Bitdefender Antivirus

1. The interface is understandable so that users can easily know how to use it.
2. It supports many Android phones no matter they are new or old.
3. It has excellent security.

1. It offers only some simple functions.

Tool 5 Antivirus App – Mcafee Mobile Security

The Mcafee Mobile Security is famous for its easy operation. You can use it to manage all aspects of the data on your Android phone, including detecting and removing the virus-attacked files and performing an anti-theft feature.

Mcafee Mobile Security

1. It is free to use.
2. The operation on it is simple.
3. It offers a host of nice functions.

1. It may take up too much storage space on your computer.

Some tips for avoiding the virus:

  • 1. Update the Android system operation to the latest version.
  • 2. Look carefully before downloading the apps or the other files.
  • 3. Have an anti-virus tool on your Android phone.
  • 4. Get a reliable security guard for your Android phone.

dr.fone – Erase Deleted Virus or Malware Permanently For You

dr.foneAndroid Erase & iOS Erase is an application for protecting the mobile phones and tablets, which means it is compatible with a lot of devices, including the Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So it is convenient for those who own several kinds of different devices. Here are the main features of the dr.fone – Erase for your reference:

  • 1. It is compatible with the iOS devices running with the iOS 6.1 or later, and the Android devices running with the Android 2.1 to Android 9.0.
  • 2. It helps you delete the files from your Android or iOS devices permanently.
  • 3. It helps you protect the personal data on your devices.

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