5 Best Free Photo Recovery Tools – Recover Phone Photos Easily

I’m sure you are upset when losing the photos from your camera, mobile phone or computer hard drive. In face of devastating situations like this, people often turn to the Internet for help and try to find solutions to recover the photos. The best solution is to use a dependable program to solve the problem professionally. However, most of the program that enables you to get the photos back are not free. Since you haven’t used it yet, you don’t know whether it is worth to buy the program or not.

Lucky for you, you can still find some powerful and free photo recovery tools. In the following article, we will introduce to you many great photo recovery programs and they are all free of charge.

Note: All the free photo recovery programs in the list run on the Windows OS. Mac users need to pay for the recovery function.

Top 5: Recuva

When you are searching for a photo recovery software or a data recovery tool with no charge on the Internet, you will find Recuva ranking in the first place of the recommendation list due to its simple and clear interface.

Recuva has stunning scanning speed which makes the recovery process especially convenient and fast. Besides photos, you are able to get back almost every data of your devices including the computer, flash drive, digital camera, and memory card.

Special Features:
  • 1. You don’t have to pay for the wonderful and fast scanning speed feature.
  • 2. You are able to recover photos, documents, music, videos, emails and compressed files with the help of the powerful recovering feature of the program.
  • 3. You are able to view the photos you found before starting to recover them.
  • 4. You are able to tell the states of the files found: whether unrecoverable or excellent.
  • 5. Recuva perfectly supports all versions of Window operating system such as Windows 10/8/7, Windows 2008/2003 Server, Windows XP/Vista.

Top 4: PhotoRec


PhotoRec is another powerful free photo recovery program which supports Windows OS X/ OS/ DOS. PhotoRec excels Recuva in some parts. For instance, the interface and operation assembly DOS system which is convenient and clear for the users. So in some way, it is the most wonderful free photo recovery program compared with others. However, many computer users may find it not so easy to handle.

Special features:
  • 1. Fully compatible with most OS nowadays such as Windows OS X/ OS / DOS
  • 2. Be able to recover over 20 types of files
  • 3. Recover a partition that is already deleted. Free photo recovery programs hardly have this feature.

Top 3: ZAR


Technically speaking, ZAR(Zero Assumption Recovery) is not a free software. However, you can use the free trial version to get photos back. Its recovery feature is one of the great options for you. The program is able to scan deeper compared with most recovery softwares and accordingly it needs more time to complete the scanning process. You can not stop the process during the whole time. This makes ZAR a better choice when your device is damaged or couldn’t be detected by the PC.

Special features:
  • 1. Even the device is damaged or cannot be detected by the computer, the program is able to detect more drives compared with other softwares.
  • 2. The scanning process of this program goes deeper than any other programs
  • 3. In “Advanced configuration”, you have many choices of customized filters
  • 4. Unlike most of the recovery programs in the market, you are able to keep the scanning result.
  • 5. The searching function of the program is well designed.

Top 2: PC Inspector File Recovery


PC Inspector is also a convenient and easy to handle photo recovery program. It can detect the photos which you have wiped out on the drive by accident with a fast speed. This program is especially helpful for those who have basic technical knowledge because you need to distinguish between the logical and physical drive.

The scanning engine of this program is powerful, but you still need to wait for a few minutes. And it cannot scan a damaged drive.

Special features:
  • 1. Be able to get erased photos back from physical and logical drives
  • 2. Even if the header entry isn’t available anymore, you are able to retrieve the photos as well
  • 3. You are able to locate and scan the partitions spontaneously even with a broken or wiped out boot sector and FAT.
  • 4. It enables you to get the files back with the original date and time stamp

Top 1: PicaJet Photo Recovery Free


PicaJet Photo Recovery free allows you to get erased or formatted digital photos from the memory card of your camera or your computer hard drive. You have to be extra careful that the card of sticker of the camera must be in the device all the time so that it can be recognized by the program.

Special features:
  • 1. It is not simple to understand the program since its interface is complex. But it will be the best choice for you if you always want to try out new things.
  • 2. This program is more like a photo manager and photo database compared with other recovery programs.


For users who are not quite a skillful computer user and still want to recover the photos, Recuva is a good choice.

PhotoRec is the best choice for you if you want to recover photos from the device running OS X, Linux or even DOS. However, you are required to know some basic operations about DOS.

If you lost your photos from a damaged drive, you can try ZAR. Even though the scanning speed of the program is not fast enough, it still enables you to get your lost photos back.

You can also give PC Inspector and PicaJet a try when you are trying to get photos back from the logical drive.

How to Recover Photo for Android or iOS Devices

If you lost your photos in your iDevices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad or Android device, you will find most of the photo recovery programs are not the best choices for you. However, with the help of dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery or dr.fone – Android Data Recovery, you are able to retrieve photos from your iPhone or Android device without troubles.

Dr.fone – Android Recover is one of the best formatted SD card recovery. dr.fone – iOS Recover is a magnificent iOS device data recovery for iPhone. With them, you are able to get the photos, SMS, contacts, videos and more from iPhone an iTunes on the PC. This is absolutely a No.1 data recovery program for iPhone nowadays. Customers speak highly of it because it saves them from unrecoverable tragedies.


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