20 Nice Apps for Windows Phones in 2018

Windows phones now have become new stunners in the world market. People now are debating whether to buy a Windows phone or not, before they finally take a phone and leave the phone store. One of the reasons why the Windows phones are becoming more and more popular is that there are more and more wonderful apps for the Windows phones available on the Internet. Let me show you some in the following passages:

App 1. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

You can not be foreign to the Photoshop tool, which is widely used after people take some photos. And the Adobe Photoshop Express, as you can see, is a app for the Windows phone. You can use it easily to edit the photos taken by your Windows phone. It offers many excellent filters for your choice.

App 2. Evernote (Free)

To keep the note, you can use your Windows phone instead of the notebooks, as long as you use the Evernote. The Evernote offers the Cloud service, so that the user can get access to their notes wherever they want. And as an additional service, the users can use the Evernote to send messages to their friends free of charge.


App 3. Spotify

With the Spotify, you can download the music you like from the Internet without the hassle. And it also enables you to create your own playlists so that you can play the music more conveniently. Now it is also simple to share the music that you are listening to, to your friends on the social platforms.


App 4. Phototastic Collage

It is so bravo an app that can easily meet all your needs for the college life. There are more than 100 kinds of templates for choosing.


App 5. Netflix

With the help of the Netflix, you can turn your mobile phone to a portable cinema. There are many songs and music, movies, TV shows and more on the Netflix. You can choose to download them for offline play, or you can simply enjoy them online.


App 6. Flipboard (Free)

To read the news, you can choose the Flipboard. The Flipboard offers many hot topics for the users.


App 7. Instagram

The Windows users now can get access to the Instagram. The Instagram is a nice app that enables its users to share the photos and videos with each other.


App 8. Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger needs to work when you have the Facebook on your Windows phone.


App 9. Facebook

The Facebook is now used all around the world. With the Facebook, you can make friends with people in the other countries. After followed each other on the Facebook, you can send messages, share photos, music, and videos to one another. Also, you can invite your friends to play the games on the Facebook.


App 10. Accuweather

You can get accurate information about the whether with the help of the Accuweather. With the MinuteCast function, you can easily get the forecast by minute.


App 11. Microsoft Hyperlapse

How about making some videos to keep the important memory with your Windows phone. Then you must try the Microsoft Hyperlapse, which specializes in creating the time-lapse videos.


App 12. Xbox One SmartGlass

The Xbox One SmartGlass can turn your Windows phone into a remote control with ease. And then you can control the other devices with your Windows phone. The advantage is that the Windows phone has a touch screen, which makes it easier to control.


App 13. Amazon Kindle (Free)

Have you heard of the excellent e-book reader, the Kindle? It is released by the Amazon, specializing in reading the e-books. While if you don’t have one, you can simply download a Kindle app on your mobile phone, and you can also buy the e-books from the Amazon, and then read it with the Kindle app on your Windows phone.


App 14. VLC for Windows Phone (Free)

The VLC is a media player for the Windows phone. You can see its attractive interface and then you will enjoy its wonderful functions. The amazing thing is that you can use it to play many kinds of media files.


App 15. POF – Free Online Dating

Actually, it is an app for dating online. The users can leave their information on the Internet, and find the other that they like and date with each other.


App 16. Twitter

On the Twitter, you can tweet what you want to say, so that the other will see it as long as they are the users of the Twitter too. What’s more, you can know a lot of other information from the others that you may not know.


App 17. OneDrive

When you buy the Windows phone, you get the large storage space on the Cloud service on the OneDrive. With the OneDrive, you can back up the data on your Windows phone just to prevent data losing. You can back up your photos, audios, videos, and many other documents.


App 18. eBay

You can easily either buy or sell something with the help of the eBay. With the eBay on your Windows phone, you will find it much convenient to shop online. When you want to buy something, you simply log in the eBay with your Windows phone, and then search for the very thing you want.


App 19. Linkedin

The Linkedin is a business platform more than a social platform. You can share your resume on your home page of the Linkedin so that the others who want to hire a person will see it and come to you. And more, you can send free messages to the contacts you get on the Linkedin.


App 20. Whatsapp

How much do you spend on the messages every month? Well, actually, there are many kinds of social platforms which can help you save the money. Among them, the Whatsapp is the most popular one. You can only send the texts to your contacts, but also share the photos, music, and even videos with them without hassle. And there is no ad on this app.


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