2 Methods to Transfer Photos to Your iPhone & Get More Space In Your iPhone

For some customers who have used the iPhone, it’s very easy to transfer the photos to the iPhone. But many new customers would not know how to transfer the photos to the iPhone. Lucky, we will show you a lot of ways to add your photos to your iPhone in a simple way. But at first, we have to tell you how we can transfer photos to your iPhone when you use iTunes.

Use iTunes to transfer photos between computer and iPhone

When we are discussing on how to transfer your photos between your computer and iPhone by iTunes, the first step is making the connection between your iPhone and computer. We usually use the USB data cable to connect your PC with iPhone. If everything is ready, you just need to do is launching the iTunes, then following the steps below we show you.

  • 1. Create a folder with picture files on your computer, which you want to transfer to your iPhone.
  • 2. Now, iTunes will show you the devices connecting with your computer, select the devices, the right information panel will find a tag with “turn off/on”.
  • 3. Chose the folder that you had created before simply.

  • 4.The last thing to do is remember that let the cursor on the button of Apply and click it. The iTunes will copy your music files right now.
    Now, there is another way that we can transfer our photos and other important data to iPhone. It means, we will tell some methods, which can add photos to your computer with no iTunes.

Another way to transfer photos between iPhone and computer with dr.fone – iOS Transfer (With No iTunes)

dr.fone – iOS Transfer can add photos to iPhone from your pc as iTunes in the same way. The software can also transfer media data to iPhone like photos, music, videos and so on. Now we tell you the steps below.

Step 1. You need download dr.fone from our website to your computer, then install it in a simple way and launch it, the software will connect your iPhone and computer by the USB cable. Now, you will find the software had detected your phone.

dr.fone - iOS Transfer

Step 2. In the top toolbar, select Photos. An Add button will appear, you can use it to browse you computer by clicking it. If you had selected the one you just want, you need to click it again.

Add Photos to iPhone

Some tips:

1. Check the storage of iPhone

Certainly, storage is very important for anyone who uses iPhone, especially when you want to take a photo, or you would love to download the video you had saw before or an app which would help you in sometimes, a notification show you “You need the sufficient space”. More and more people will miss the problem if he did not check the iPhone storage. In the next part, we will teach you how to check your iPhone storage?

Check the storage whether available on your iPhone:

Step 1. You need to open the App setting and press General.
Step 2. Just click the tap “Usage” and let it scroll down. So you can see the available storage of your iPhone.


In summary, you had known how to check the iPhone storage. It is useful when you usually check the storage because it would save you a lot of time.

2. Expanding its free space for iPhone

As we had noticed how to check our iPhone storage, the next important question is, if the space getting lower, how to expand free space with our iPhone.

1). First of all. You need to backup your important media data, including photos, music, videos, move it to your computer. After you had a backup it already, you can delete them from iPhone. In this way, you can easily get more free space.

2). Second, there will be more space for your iPhone. But, you should know the deleted files do not disappear completed. The files exist in some places on the iPhone, which you don’t know. If you want to delete them from your iPhone completed, maybe you need the dr.fone – iOS Erase to get the point.
Now you can download dr.fone to get the free trial version!


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