10 Important Security Tips about iPhone 6 Plus & the Most Commonly Asked Problems and Solutions

It has always been regarded as a problem to strengthen the security of system and password management for computers. Especially for Windows operating system, it has a higher chance of being attacked than the Mac system. As technology is so advanced nowadays, more and more people are using phones or tablets to run daily errands such as paying bills and banking. This situation is not all that good since it is more likely to be attacked and more dangerous for users.

Look around us, more and more people are using apps on smart phone to carry out daily payments due to the convenience and flexibility of the apps. Many big banks and even other financial institutions like PayPal have released the version of its e-bank apps. You can check the balance when you are outdoor shopping or even make daily financial transactions with the help of the apps. You can pay your bills and transfer money to other accounts with ease. However, every transaction you made may cause higher chance of personal data release. Other unauthorized people may get the chance of accessing your accounts as well.

So it is necessary to enhance the security work of your phone. iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 is multi-functional device that excels a basic phone, you are able to do more than making phone calls with it, so the security problem becomes extra important. You have to take a lot of measures to stop the criminals from cracking your device and getting the vital information out of it.

  • Part 1. 10 of the most important security tips of iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4
  • Part 2. The most frequent problems of iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6/5S/5C/4S/4 and solutions.

Part 1. 10 of the most important security tips of iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4

There are many important security methods for iPhone 6 Plus for you. For example, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5S/5C/6 have a fingerprint scanner which can secure your iPhone 6 Plus.

1. Biometrics

Biometric security is what makes the unauthorized access difficult. If a device has a physical examination feature such as iris scanner or fingerprint, the rate of unauthorized access will be largely reduced. Because features such as fingerprints are all unique and others cannot have the same feature as yours. So biometric security is still commonly used among the users.

2. Set up a Passcode

Entering a passcode may sounds like the easiest way. But your iPhone 6 Plus will face great danger if there is no passcode existed to protect your device. It is a very basic measure to take and even your phone is stolen by a random thief, it will take him quite a long time to work this out and your device may become useless to the thief. And take our advice, don’t use your birthday as the passcode, it is too easy to break.


3. Set auto lock

This is also a very basic movement iPhone 6 Plus users should take after they get the device, but it is still not taken by all the users. Setting a auto lock means that when you are not using your device for a certain period, this feature will automatically get your iPhone 6 Plus into sleeping mode and you have to enter a passcode to wake it again. This fundamental setting will prevent from others to use your phone casually.


4. Find My iPhone 6 Plus App

Find my iPhone 6 Plus is a great feature developed by Apple which enables you to locate your device when you can’t find it. It is equipped with GSP so that you can track down the device in time through the Internet. This is a must-be app that should be installed and activated on every iPhone 6 Plus. But in order to use it normally, you need to make sure your iOS is above 5.0 and some other settings are set to open. When you enable this feature on your iPhone 6 Plus, it will send out signals all the time as long as the battery is available. And together with auto lock, it will reduce the rate of your device being played with by a thief. With it, you can also set it to beep mode. Even the phone is originally in silent mode, it is still be able to trigger the alarm so that you can find your device. So you had better install it on your iPhone 6 Plus.


5. Be careful about the Wi-Fi security

If there is no protection of your wifi connection, you may put your personal information on your device in danger. The movements maybe easy to take, but there are still many people don’t follow the basic protocols while connecting WiFi. This may lead to data leaking and hijacking. You iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6/5S/5C/5 will notify you to enter your WiFi password. You have to make sure you have to reset your WiFi connection and secure it with a safe password so that unauthorized access can be kept out from your iPhone 6 Plus. We also suggest you to disconnect WiFi connection when you don’t need it for an extra safety insurance. It is the same with Bluetooth.


6. Encrypt the backup files

It is very necessary to backup the data on your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 to PC or Mac. However, if you can not handle the backup files right, the backup files may also become tricky safety problems for you. Putting the backup files on another place means that it can still be attacked there and face the possibility of being hacked by some criminals. In order to prevent that, you had better encrypt your backup files which mean that only your device can read the files and others have no way of accessing the backups. So encrypt your data is a must-be measure you have to take to keep your files safe. You should enable it all the time.


7. Install Antivirus software

It is more and more common for smart phones to get specific viruses which are originally designed to infect computers. So it becomes quite crucial for you to install a powerful anti-virus software on your phone. To prevent your phone from getting the virus, first of all you should update your iOS operating system to the latest version. This movement enables the system to combat the holes. Apart from this, you also need to build a wall to check the emails and the software you have downloaded.


8.Be extra alert about apps that can connect automatically

Many people have heard of an app named bump. It is developed to transfer files without efforts for users. You may find it interesting for some social apps. However, it could also become a nightmare for the safety of your device. To some extent, you’d better keep away from auto file transferring apps such as bumper. Because the process of file transferring is automatic, you may have no idea what you have sent out and received. So please pay extra attention to auto connected apps.


9. Neglect insecure software

You are able to find all kinds of software covering all kinds of needs in the app store. It is very simple to download the app to your device. However, if you are not sure whether the software comes from a trust worthy site, you’d better not to use it. Or you may take the risk of leaking your personal information to the public. So before you download a certain app, please be sure it comes from a secure source.


10. Get around unsolicited links

As time goes by, your contacts and associates are becoming more and more in your device. This means that you have higher chance of getting an unsolicited link from an email which may cause troubles for you. The antivirus program and iOS updates can stop some potential dangers for you, but they cannot stop the threat you click to open. So it is quite crucial that you don’t open unnecessary links unless you are sure.


Part 2. The most frequent problems of iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S and solutions.

1. The WallpapDeath Grip.

If you hold your iPhone in a certain spot, you may find the antennae reception is falling to none. In order to solve this problem, Apple recommends users to buy a bumper case which costs $30. Or you can choose to hold your iPhone in another way. Then the reception will come back later.


2. Rear Camera getting stuck.

Many users have come into situations like this: when they are using the rear camera to take pictures, the virtual shutter is kind of stuck. Sometimes this awkward situation just goes away while at times it stays for good. If so, you have to pay to fix your device or you can neglect the rear camera and use the front camera ever since.


3. Easy to break

Although iPhone is claimed to be quite tough and even tougher than plastic, it is still proved to be very easy to break. One way to prevent from breaking is to equip your device with a rug case and be careful not to drop it all the time.



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